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My Account
 How do I create an account?
 Do I have a customer number if I have ordered from you in the past?
 How do I add or edit a shipping address?
 How do I submit a tax exempt certificate?
 Is my customer number my login?
 How do I view items I have purchased in the past?
 How do I view/print an invoice?
 Why do I need my customer number?
 How do I update my company information?
 How do I update my personal information?
 How do I download the most current price list?
 What are my payment options?
 How do I track or check the status of my order?
 Where do I remit my payment(s) to?
 How do I find my part number?
 How do I get certificates of calibration / conformance?
 How do I obtain an MSDS sheet (or Technical Document/Drawing) ?
 How do I produce a NAFTA certificate?
 What online training do you offer?
 What is the Floor Care Calculator?
 How do I find the right size packaging for my components?
 How do I check on returned merchandise?
 How do I return an item for refund / recalibration / exchange?
 Do you ship internationally?
 What shipping methods are available?
 How do I insure my shipment?