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Question We currently package our products in SCC 1000 static shield bags, fold over the bag, and seal with static labels. Is there a standard for how much bigger the bag should be than the product in all dimensions? (Most importantly the fold.) - Anonymous, Portsmouth, NH
Answer None that I am aware of. The size of the bag should be appropriate to completely enclose the ESD sensitive devices. The biggest concern would be the added cost of using larger than needed bags for some components. What is important is that you ensure the contents are sealed when being stored or transported. Heat sealing is the best way to seal an ESD bag, especially a shielding bag. Folding over the opening and taping it is acceptable as long as the opening is completely closed.You will also want to consider the integrity of the bag and the quality of the film to protect your sensitive devices. If the bag is not soft folded (bottom part of bag) then the integrity of the shielding characteristic of the bag may have been compromised. Very few converters soft fold their bags. All our bags are soft folded and made from the highest quality films available on the market.You can refer to ANSI/ESD S20.20 for more information on other control requirements for an ESD plan.
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