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Question We have ESD Floor Mats.  What happens if you lose the ground?

What system/device can tell us if we have a loss of ground?

A grounded floor mat can be used to remove electrostatic charges from standing or mobile workers wearing ESD footwear; in addition charges can be removed from mobile equipment such as carts. If the floor mat becomes ungrounded, its ability to function is impaired.  So, for example, a significant charge may remain on the workers who can then discharge to ESD sensitive items.

Continuous or Constant Monitors are used to immediately detect any break in the path-to-ground.

The following was written about wrist strap continuous monitors, but is just as true regarding grounding an ESD floor:
Per ESD TR 12-01 Section 4.2 Selection Considerations “When considering constant monitors … the potential failures due to non-functional [floor mats] should be considered. [An improperly grounded ESD floor] may expose products to ESD”.

Most any continuous monitor could be use by attaching the ESD floor mat where one would normally monitor the worksurface. A product that provides many options for the user is a Multi-Ground Continuous Monitor.

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