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Question Hello, currently we use an antistatic black racks to place each PCB after assembled then we placed on a rack (Nexel) to store the material before is inspectioned by QA so I bought a kit of aluminum rings to change the plastic on each rack and I also placed a chain on the last divider of the rack and then I tested with a megohmmeter the continuity and the pointer doesn't move, please let me know If I require to do another think or which think is wrong in the rack?
Answer You need to use the Megohmmeter to measure the surface resistance of every component in the path to ground. If one is insulative, the path will be open, and you will obtain a very high resistance number. The color black of the racks often indicates that the material is conductive, however, you should measure its resistance with the Megohmmeter. There are three ESD control properties; an ESD protective product will possess at least one of these properties:- low charging (antistatic)- dissipative or conductive material- shielding Note: While the material may be dissipative or conductive it provides no value unless the item is properly grounded. Electrostatic charges will remain on an isolated conductor, but if properly grounded chares will be removed to ground. Per ANSI/ESD S541 section 7.2 Note: “There is no correlation between resistance measurements and the ability of a material to be low charging.”
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