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# Question Rating Category(s) Date
1077 We design machines that run plastic or paper-backed vinyl ba... 0% Antistatic (Low Charging), Materials 1/18/1753
1181 I would like to know, if there is a certain distance that a ... 92% Grounding, Insulators, Materials 3/11/2005
1196 What is the difference between conductive and dissipative ma... 96% Mats, Materials 4/7/2005
1253 Applications engineering:

I am looking for a perforat...
0% Mats, Materials, Miscellaneous 9/12/2007
1254 We build shufflers at our facility that use PC Boards. ... 0% Mats, Materials, Miscellaneous 9/13/2007
1271 If you have PCBA place on pink foams to prevent them from mo... 0% Foam, Packaging, Materials 12/26/2007
1273 There are some companies that use pink foams to secure PCBAs... 80% Foam, Packaging, Materials 12/26/2007
1500 What shoul... 0% Grounding, Ionization, Tape, Materials 1/31/2012