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Questions And Answers

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Question Taking on foot straps, what is the life time for them?
One, two or three months.

It is a possibility to make a measure about container´s resistivity?
Which is the best way to do it? - Anonymous
Answer In response to your first question about Foot Grounders, the life time of a foot grounder is dependent on many factors:
1) quality of unit manufactured
2) how long the unit is worn per day (one, two or three shifts)
3) who wears the unit (90 lb women or a 250 lb man)
4) the gate of the wearer (do they walk on the side of their sole, thereby prematurely wearing the cup material in one place?)
5) the cleanliness of the floor (are the floors swept every night, thereby eliminating dirt, sand and other additional abrasive materials from the floor?)

Typically, a quality foot grounder can last from 6 months up to a year, again, depending on use as outlined above.
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