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Question I'm an engineer working for LGIC in Korea. I have a question for ESD. I want to control the ESD for cellular phone. My cellular is weak at (-) voltage (about -8kV contact). Out specification is -10kV. What should I do to control the (-) ESD?? I will look forward to your answers. - Anonymous,
Answer Some cellular and portable phones are more susceptible to upsets or damage due to ESD phenomena than others, depending on the design. You mention that your cellular phone is weak at (-) voltage (about -8kV contact) and that the out specification is -10kV. This implies something different to me. Maybe you are trying to control the IF oscillator within the circuitry of the phone which uses high voltage as part of its operation? If this is the case then this is not ESD, but rather EMI. If the oscillator is not properly shielded, then it can cause interference with other parts of the phone circuitry. A ferromagnetic metal might be considered for use to shield these high electromagnetic field generating devices. If you are experience electrostatic discharges of – 8 kV from your phone, then there are means to help control this including grounding all conductors where possible, redesign the housing (material) and apply better internal shielding/isolation. I hope I was able to answer your question.
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