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Question I dread every winter when I know I am going to be shocked every time I touch a doorknob or get out of my car. Is there a simple remedy for this frustrating problem or do I just have to live in gloves all winter everywhere I go? –Anonymous, Norwood, NC
Answer This is a typical experience for folks in northern climates where the relative humidity drops below 20%. There is a triboelectric series chart that shows the relative charging that may occur between dissimilar materials. If the carpet you walked on, the slippers or shoes you wore along with your clothes were all the same material, then the triboelectric process would not be as severe, in fact you may minimize the tribocharging to below 3,000 volts (where you feel it). Typically leather and cotton or low tribocharging.

There is also a dissipative carpet spray we just developed that will greatly reduce the tribocharging of your rugs/chairs/etc., Carpet Protector. If you can increase the humidity in controlled areas (like your home) you can also help to minimize the tribocharging.

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