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Question Is it necessary to ground carts while transporting devices that are in conductive tubes or conductive foam? I.E. parts that are completed and being transfered to shipping. –Anonymous, Mansfield, MA
Answer Whether to grounding carts or not will depend on your ESD program. This depends on the ESD Sensitive Component Classification. For very sensitive items, i.e., HBM Class 0, 1A, 1B or even 1C, the cart could generate well over 1,000 volts that could cause problems to exposed ESDS (ESD Sensitive) devices on the cart, removed from the cart or placed on the cart. If all ESDS items are kept in enclosed shielded packaging, then this threat is minimized, but if any ESDS items are exposed (not completely shielded), then using an ESD cart would be recommended. Ensure that the cart is conductive across all parts (uprights, shelves, wheels or drag chain) and physically connected to the grounded floor to help minimize triboelectric charging. It is further recommended to use dissipative matting on the shelves and tie this to a physical ESD ground when parked in ESD Safe areas (ESDP or ESD Protected areas).
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