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Question Would you please advise how to measure ESD level during IC device test on handler? When we checked ESD level on device top side very closely and reading value is about 1000 -1500v on each handler. But when measure the same method from 2 inch distance, the reading value is about 100 - 200V. We don't know exactly what is the correct method to check ESD level on device top side in handler. I need your advice to reflect here. - Anonymous, Kyeyang-gu Incheon, Korea
Answer Assuming you are using our digital field meter, than the correct method to take measurements it from a planar (flat) surface and at a distance of 1 inch (2.54 cm). The reading you measure is the actual field in Volts/inch. When measuring surfaces that curve or have sharp edges, your readings may be severely skewed. Take this into consideration when making your measurements.
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