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Question A manufacturing facility has a number of PCA's stored in a large metal trolley (insulted from ground via rubber wheels). The PCA's are making direct contact with the trolley frame. If a charged person touches the PCA, does an ESD event occur?

Yes. Also, if contact and separation generates a charge on the PCA, an ESD event will occur when touched by a grounded person. This is the Charged Device Model (CDM) type of ESD event.


All ESD sensitive items should be grounded when in the ESD Protected Area. If the PCAs and the trolley are considered by the program to be outside the ESD Protected Area, the ESD sensitive items should be enclosed in ESD packaging that includes the shielding property.  This can be easily done using Statshield Metal In Shielding Bags.


 “Transportation of sensitive products outside of an EPA shall require packaging that provides:

1. Low charge generation.

2. Dissipative or conductive materials for intimate contact.

3. A structure that provides electrostatic discharge shielding”
[ANSI/ESD S541 section 6.2 Outside an EPA]


Note: “Dissipative Material for Intimate Contact, To avoid rapid discharge to sensitive items, dissipative materials should be used as the layer of packaging that contacts the item.” [ANSI/ESD S541 section A.3]

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