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Question We think that static makes our fax machine to keep burning up or breaking down. What can you recommend for our fax machine? - Anonymous, Boulder, Colorado
Answer Check the power line (make sure it is wired properly including ground and that the fax machine has a ground post in its power cord that is coupling to ground) with a GAM2A. Get a field an audit around the fax machine to help identify any other problem areas. Some possible solutions: Put a T2 grounded mat under the machine to eliminate it’s environment variable (new procedure to touch T2 mat prior to the fax machine to do a controlled discharge); Make sure people using the fax machine aren’t tribocharging and discharging to the machine; Use carpet spray on all surrounding carpets/chairs; Use reztore™ topical antistat on fax machine case (careful of opening and controls) - (if very bad) wear a wrist strap prior to using the fax machine.
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