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Question How does ESD antistatic mats work with heel straps on a painted conductive floor? - Anonymous
Answer Okay, I am making the following assumptions: (1) the ESD antistatic mat is a floor mat, (2) the ESD antistatic mat is conductive, (3) the painted conductive floor meets the ANSI/ESD-S7.1 and is grounded, and (4) the foot grounders are properly worn and passes on a foot grounder tester. It is possible to electrically couple the floor mat with the conductive painted floor by placing the mat on top of the floor, but this method of ground (coupling) is not recommended as it may not be full-proof. It is recommended to also ground your floor mats with a floor mat ground cord to an ESD ground (power ground). Wearing foot grounders in conjunction with either of these mats or the conductive painted floor will provide a conductive path to ground, removing charge imbalance on the mobile personnel.
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