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Question I would like to know more about ionizer to dissipate [neutralize] the charges on PVC or plastics materials. - Anonymous, Singapore
Answer Air Ionizers are good mechanisms to neutralize charges on insulators like PVC and other untreated plastics. The type of unit you would need depends on WHERE you need to control these charges and HOW big an area your material to control is occupying. A bench top ionizer is OK for items taking up a 1 foot by 3 feet coned area. Please note that ionizers will neutralize charged insulative surfaces by line-of-site. So a three dimensional object that is charged on all sides will need ionization on all sides. A large overhead ionizer is OK for neutralizing the surface of objects up to a 3 feet by 2 feet rectangular area. To effectively ionize (bring the accumulated charges on your PVC surfaces into balance - neutral) you may need to employ several ionizers positioned at several angles to cover all targeted surfaces. If you would like more information on our Ionizer line, please visit our Tech Brief pages in our Web Site.
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