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Question Is it OK to use glass cleaner on ESD Matting? Anonymous, Chino, CA
Answer No, a Glass Cleaner is for glass and other non-porous surfaces.

Glass Cleaners have significant amounts of ammonia and alcohol both of which work well on a non-porous surface. On a porous surface, such as vinyl or rubber matting, these chemicals will penetrate into the materials and dry out the mat (causing the plasticizer to leach out) making them harder and more brittle over time.

Depending on the Glass Cleaner manufacturer, they can also have surfactants, fragrances or color dyes that are typically supplied in an “oil base” transport to allow the cleaner to wet a hard surface (i.e. glass). However, these chemicals can build up in the pours of a mat and form an insulative layer on the matting surface. Charged items placed on a properly grounded ESD mat will have those charges removed as the ESD Mat and ground cord provide a path to ground. The insulative layer may prevent the charge removal from occurring and the charge may remain on the item.

Glass type cleaners are not good for non ESD vinyl or rubber matting, but are actually counterproductive undermining the function of an ESD Mat. Reztore™ Antistatic Surface & Mat Cleaner is a non solvent based ESD protective product specifically designed for use with ESD Mats. If used on a regular basis will clean without adversely effecting the plasticizers and will enhance the Mat’s electrical properties and its ESD functions low tribocharging and ability to conduct a charge to ground.

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