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Question We have had EDS flooring tiles installed in our lab, and have been working on this flooring for six months now. My question is on how to keep this flooring clean in a dicing room that uses mounting wax and damp mopping and vacuuming do not clean the floor. Any suggestions on cleaning would be greatly appreciated. We are in a class 100K clean room environment. –Ev, Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Answer Caution should be applied to cleaning ESD tiles. You do not want to coat them with insulative cleaning or floor care products such as those found in industrial detergents or waxes. A very good compliment to an ESD floor tile system is to use an ESD floor finish to keep the floor clean looking (can be buffed) and protect the tiles (extend the life). Before applying an ESD floor finish like Statproof® Floor care system, you will want to strip the current floor (remove unwanted coatings) and start fresh with the ESD floor finish applied directly to the ESD tiles.
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