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Question Thanks for your help, I had a few questions in regards to some of the answers that you gave me. All employees handling ESD sensitive devices in the ESD safe work area need to be properly trained, so they know how/why to wear their wrist strap, how to test it, when to wear it, how to handle ESD sensitive devices including the opening of ESD packages. Is there training material available that explains correct procedures for opening ESD packages? Control the necessary insulators at your ESD Safe work area with ionization or topical ESD treatments. Could you explain "necessary insulators"? Remove unnecessary insulators from your ESD safe work area. Could you explain "unnecessary insulators"? - Anonymous, Atlanta, GA
Answer Training in general: There is a good VHS tape series which comes with a handbook for group training. This same content is available on CD-ROM for individual training using a PC. A database keeps track of all employees progress, where they need help, and gives a recorded final exam. There are also books (ESD From A to Z: Electrostatic Discharge Control for Electronics & ESD Program Management, 2nd Edition, Ted Dangelmayer), a handbook (ESDA Advisory Handbook), a booklet (ESD Awareness for Employees), ESD standards (various…ESDA, EIA, MIL), and ESD training paddles that are available to help your training program too. Training for packaging only: Tape series, EIA-541, Packaging Material Standards for ESD Sensitive Items ESD S11.31-1994, ESDA standard for evaluating the Performance of Electrostatic Discharge, Shielding Materials - Bags Insulators: Necessary insulators are those that are necessary to complete the job at the bench, such as soldering iron handle, screw driver handle, Teflon O-rings, etc. Unnecessary insulators are all other insulators not necessary to perform the given work at the ESD safe work station. Some examples are styrofoam coffee cups, radios, notebooks, phones, plastic bins, etc.
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