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Question Would like to install a panel mount banana plug into a computer chassis and connect to chassis ground. would like to use a standard 0.175" diam. plug. Looking for recommendations for the plug itself (i.e. nylon insulated like those found on dual bench ground points). In addition, any recommendations to assure the best ground connection. - Brian Perry, Wilmington, MA
Answer I think you want to install a banana jack into the computer chassis and not a banana plug. If your reasoning is to insert a wrist strap coil cord banana plug when servicing or assembling these units, then my recommendation follows. Use a standard banana jack (0.175” ID jack is fine, insulated or not…not that important) and make sure it is electrically connected to the chassis (very important). This will only ensure that the operator (plugged into the banana jack on the chassis) is at the same potential as the chassis. Actual bench ground may be at a separate potential. You will also want to connect the ESD dissipative mat that the chassis is serviced/assembled on to the same potential as the chassis, operator and bench ground. If the chassis is connected to its power ground and the unit is plugged in, then you may be all set. Be careful now that the power is live and under 250 VAC in the unit that you are using UL approved wrist straps for operator safety.
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