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Question I'd like to know more about ionizer to dissipate the charges on PVC or plastics materials. - Anonymous, Singapore
Answer The ionizers that we manufacture and sell are corona based. A high electric field at the tip of an emitter breaks down the air around it and causes the creation of charged particles (corona discharge). Depending on the voltage applied, the ion output can be controlled (both polarity and magnitude). Our most popular units use air as the carrier to deliver the culmination of hundreds of thousands of charged particles to the insulative surface that then attracts the opposite charge from this source, returning the charge imbalance back to a balanced or neutral state. Air Ionization is one of the most effective way to neutralize insulators like PVC. The ionizer’s size, placement, spacing, emitter cleanliness, flow rate and rooms RH all effect the performance of your system. Our on-line catalog list some of the ionizer models you can choose from.
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