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Question Dear.  Is there any device or mechanasim available to check static dissipative smock on real time similar to wrist strap checking device. The  current method I'm practicing is as per ESDE-STM 2.1.

ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 has a Garment category Groundable Static Control Garment System < 3.5 x 10E7 ohms. Note 2 reads: “For situations where an ESD garment is used as part of the wrist strap grounding path, the total system resistance including the person, garment and grounding cord shall be less than 3.5 x 10E7 ohms.” See our Statshield ESD Smocks with patented hip-to-cuff grounding.

Compliance Verification testing is to be performed per ESD TR53 per ANSI/ESD S20.20. A test method for Personnel Grounding with Garment can be using a standard wrist strap tester. To perform this check continuously while working a Continuous Monitor can be used. See our Continuous Monitors on our website.

ESD TR 12-1 Survey of Constant Monitors for Wrist Straps Section 1.0 Wrist strap checkers “While effective at the time of testing, wrist strap checker use is periodic. The failure of a wrist strap between checks may expose products to damage from electrostatic charge. If the wrist strap system is checked at the beginning of a shift and subsequently fails, then an entire shift's work could be suspect.”

Per ESD Handbook ESD TR20.20 section Electrically Groundable

“Electrically groundable garments are defined as those garments that have a sleeve to sleeve or point to point electrical resistance range as recommended in ESD STM 2.1. These garments typically have an identified groundable point which will make it possible to ground all panels of the garment through one electrically conductive grounding means such as a ground cord. This feature makes it possible to continuously monitor and verify that the garment is grounded while it is being worn.”

Since the Continuous Monitor can be fooled, remaining green, if the operator takes the Smock off at the ESD Workstation, our recommendation should be:

  • Garments to be worn at all times in the ESD protected area
  • Workers should put on and take off ESD Smocks outside the EPA
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