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Question I am installing newly designed traffic lights. The city of NY has requested that I correct an issue with what I believe to be an ESD event; the workers are getting static shocks from the utility poles and work panels. I am dealing with high voltage power lines. How can I control the ESD event?


When working with voltages over 250 VAC, ESD personnel grounding should not be used. So you need to find the source of the electrostatic charges and then proceed to try to reduce the charge generation.

The Static Field Meter can be used to locate where the charge is being generated. See Charge generation occurs where surfaces contact and separate; you should focus on plastics that may be on the utility poles and work panels. Just measure the charge and then rub the surface and measure seeing if there has been any significant charge generation.

Surfaces can be coated periodically to temporarily make low charging. The product would wear off and need to be applied periodically. Products you might want to try include:

Reztore Topical Antistat

Statgurad Conductive Paint

Statguard Dissipative Floor Finish

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