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Question ESD of a Device can happen in two ways. Suddenly a huge charge is conducted directly through a conductor(a metal tool for example). If the tool is hard grounded this risk can be eliminated. Other way is , If the device is slowly charged to a high potential and if grounded tool comes in contact can also cause an ESD. So what is is recommended method to use a conductive tool.

Tharun Babu

Per ESD Handbook TR20.20 section Hand Tools And Fixtures

“Hand tools that are not electrically powered, e.g. pliers, wire cutters, and tweezers, are usually grounded through the ESD worksurface and the (grounded) person using the conductive tools. Plastic coatings on metal hand tools are usually not an ESD concern because it is difficult to accumulate a voltage or produce an ESD event with these items.

Holding fixtures should be made of conductive or static dissipative materials when possible. If a conductive fixture is not sitting on a ESD worksurface or handled by a grounded person, a separate ground wire may be required.”

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