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Question Currently we are wearing ESD shoes at our Production floor. My understanding is socks should not be worn when wearing the shoes as there would not be any contact with our skin. However, I've tested using the ESD tester while wearing shoes and socks and the results was still PASS. I understand that some moisture is absorbed into our socks which gives a PASS results. But my doubt is that I test immediately upon wearing the socks [before moisture could actually absorb].

Most users of ESD shoes wear socks. Dry skin is typically insulative; it is the perspiration layer on the skin that provides the path to ground when using wrist straps, foot grounders, or ESD shoes. Some users prohibit testing of ESD shoes immediately after putting on the shoes, but require a 10 minute or so period for the perspiration layer to develop and work its way through the sock fabric.

For foot grounders, placing the grounding tab ribbon in the shoe under the foot & sock is acceptable. Skin contact is not required. “Foot Grounders: Personnel grounding device worn on the shoe. The device makes electrical contact with the surface on which the wearer is standing. The device also makes contact with the wearer through either direct skin contact or by contacting moisture inside the shoe.” [ESD SP9.2 section 2.0 DEFINITIONS]

Per ESD Handbook TR20.20 section Common Testing Problems “Occasionally, footwear may indicate a high resistance. Outside of the shoe material itself being a contributor to high resistance, the wearer’s skin (if dry), heavy or insulative socks, or the absence of a sweat layer due to differences in temperature between the inner surfaces of the shoes and the wearer’s feet.”

Some workers will require using an ESD lotion such as Reztore™ ESD Hand Lotion.

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