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Question I have been researching for a good way to ground our techs out in the field. We have been having to find good grounds from a number of different items and it is a real inconvenience. I have heard about a wrist strap that plugs into an outlet and that is exactly what we need. The only problem is that I have been unable to find a supplier with this product. Do you carry this item or do you know of a supplier that does? Have you heard any pros or cons about this product?. - Anonymous, San Antonio, TX
Answer Yes, we have a solution for easily grounding field personnel to power ground. Any of our field service kits come with a common point ground cord that has a special thread banana type plug that can either be inserted into the 3 wire receptacle of a duplex outlet (power ground) or screwed into a large alligator clip for easy attachment to a grounded equipment frame. Another solution employs the standard single wire wrist strap which terminates with a regular banana plug that can easily be inserted into the banana jack of either our ground checker (plugs directly into a duplex outlet) or wrist strap and ground checker, which has the added feature of allowing you to check your wrist straps in the field.
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