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352 We are using an ESD floor in an ESD area. We have ESD approv... 60% Chairs, Grounding, Drag Chains
700 Please RUSH me a sample 14000 drag chain. Will this work on ... 0% Drag Chains 6/13/2000
799 How effective is your Item # 14000 drag chain? What is the m... 40% Grounding, Drag Chains 10/20/2000
1002 What is the purpose of the 1 Meg resistor used on drag chain... 0% Grounding, Resistance, Drag Chains 6/15/2001
1185 We have a large manufacturing floor that has ESD flooring. ... 88% Carts, Floors, Drag Chains 3/29/2005

How do you measure ESD level on carts that use drag chain...

80% Carts, Test Equipment, Drag Chains 4/24/2007
1256 Order# S0207492  We are trying to comply to ESD Assoc. ... 0% Mats, Test Equipment, Drag Chains 9/24/2007
1285 Currently, we put our PCB's in a static dissipative cassette... 0% Carts, Grounding, Drag Chains 2/8/2008