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26 What would be good to line wire metal rolling carts to help ... 20% Foam
118 Our ESD policy states that all equipment that is plugged int... 100% Foam
751 Currently we use an antistatic styrofoam for manufacturing t... 0% Foam, Packaging 10/24/2000
844 I'm looking for the physical characteristics of Pink expande... 0% Foam 11/13/2000
1242 Can a piece of your 1/4" black cushion grade dissipative foa... 0% Foam, Mats, Standards 6/7/2007
1249 We are receiving PCB's in bulk packaging.  These are sm... 0% Foam, Packaging, Standards 8/20/2007
1271 If you have PCBA place on pink foams to prevent them from mo... 0% Foam, Packaging, Materials 12/26/2007
1273 There are some companies that use pink foams to secure PCBAs... 80% Foam, Packaging, Materials 12/26/2007