SPI-20686 - Ground Gard 5.5 Monitor with Buzzer and Switch, Ground

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  • Dual operator constant grounding monitor with remote modules
  • Continuously monitors two operators at the same time
  • Includes 2 modular remote jacks for operator connection
  • Simple connection using RJ11 type telephone jack and ground wire
  • Unique auto-switch design in remote turns on automatically when banana is plugged in
  • Remote jacks include 4mm and 7mm park snaps
  • Includes ground sensing LED. Monitors direct connection to ground and electrical ground through the adapter.
  • 120V adapter included with monitor
  • Perform your own calibration on this item with our SPI-20780 Calibration Tester
  • Made in the United States of America

Per The ESD Association ESD TR 12-01 “Survey of Constant (Continuous) Monitors for Wrist Straps”: “Since people are one of the greatest sources of static electricity and ESD, proper grounding is paramount. One of the most common ways to ground people is with a wrist strap. Ensuring that wrist straps are functional and are connected to people and ground is a continuous task.”

Capacitance (or single wire) constant monitors: “The monitor circuit sends out a signal through the wrist strap that changes because of the person to ground capacitance. The monitor then detects this change to determine that a person and ground are present. If the electrical connection to the person (wrist strap), or to ground (grounding wire) should open (become disconnected), the circuit will go into the alarm state.”

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  • TB-20686 - Ground Gard 5.5 Operation, Installation and Maintenance