Why are ESD Systems' premium mats technically superior?
  1. We’ve been engineering improvements into our mats for over 20 years! Superior features increase performance giving you long term value and the best ESD protection.
  2. The published specifications in our technical literature is backed up with data from an independent lab. We invite you to compare our technical literature to our competitors’.
  3. Our premium* Statfree mats meet or exceed the recommended technical requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20 tested in accordance with ESD S4.1. Matting recommended as floor mats is suitable for flooring component in Flooring - Footwear System as primary grounding method (<3.5 x 10^7ohms per ESD STM 97.1).
Samples are available for your in-house testing and evaluation. Contact our Applications Engineer to help you optimize your application: dan.taylor@esdsystems.com
*does not include our Type S or S+ vinyl floor mats.