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Question The field meter- Application is measuring the field from a computer monitor at or near a work station. The meter gives an accurate reading when held one inch away. How does the customer know what the field effect might be on a product sitting 2 feet away from the monitor. Is there an equation/formula to convert from inch to other distances. If they hold the meter 2 feet away it doesn’t really do them any good, right? –Anonymous
Answer The field meter is designed to give field measurements at 1 inch from a planar charged surface. Any deviation will result in inaccurate measurements. Since the field strength is proportional to 1/(r3), where r is the separation to the source from the point of measurement, the field strength is very non-linear. The best advice is from the tech bulletin:

For measurements in excess of 20kV, estimate the distance to the target and use the following multiplying factors: At 4”, multiply reading by 2 - 40kV range. At 6.5”, multiply reading by 3 - 60kV range. At 8.5”, multiply reading by 4 - 80kV range. The LED rangefinder system is calibrated at the 1” distance only.

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