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Question Hello Sir, please, I want to ask if Granite is antistatic material or not. Thanks in advance!? - Anonymous, Kaha, Egypt
Answer This is an interesting question. I do not have a definitive answer for this question. Granite is not known as a tribogenerator, but all materials when undergoing contact and separation will charge up to some degree. If the granite is rather dry, there is a better chance that it’s triboelectric generation may be a great enough concern in an ESD sensitive environment. If you are concerned about a granite floor and you measure significant charge generation (using a charge plate analyzer with an isolated plated attached to the testers wrist strap) then this can be minimized by applying a good ESD Floor Finish, like Stratproof ® or Statguard® floor finish systems. These floor finish systems both greatly minimize triboelectric generation and provide a dissipative surface to conduct charges to ground via foot grounder or ESD shoes when worn by the operators.
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