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Question We manufacture wire harnesses that have PVC insulation. Dry atmosphere in factory. Recently installed assembly line moving carousel. Static discharge damaging Continuity Testers. Convinced that static electricity being generated on PVC. We do not have and will not have an ESD program. Assemblers standing on anti-fatigue mats. What's a recommended solution? Would assemblers standing on Type I or Type MRS drain any charges? We cannot imagine getting our assemblers to wear foot grounders. Would Ionizers over area neutralize the charges off the PVC? - Anonymous, Jefferson City, MO
Answer #1 - sometimes the shoes worn by operators are conductive enough in nature to allow a conductive path to the floor (mat) but only rarely, so no…..mats without foot grounders or ESD shoes will not drain the operators. BUT as part of the property of some mats, they may minimize tribocharging which would minimize operators charging due to moving on these mats. #2 - probably your best choice, as they made it clear they wouldn't want to implement an ESD program. The ionizers should be directed over the PVC wire harnesses where there is the most amount of activity (contact and separation). NOTE: there will have to be some sort of program to test these occasionally to make sure they are neutralizing and for maintenance.
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