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Question If the ESD bag is of different thickness (total material thickness), will the electrical properties be different? - Anonymous, Singapore
Answer Yes, the volume resistivity of a material may become higher with a thicker bag. The higher the volume resistivity, the higher a voltage the material will stand off. Most high quality metal-in, metal-out or MVB shielding bags can withstand over 30KV. A thicker bag (thicker dielectric or metal film) will be able to hold up to a greater energy ZAP. The spacing of the ESDS device relative to the inner bag surface can have a similar effect. The greater the “air gap” the greater the protection from an ESD event penetrating the shielding bag into the ESDS device. It is the metal film that helps transfer this energy into a surface current [Faraday Cage Effect] rather than punching through the bag to the sensitive device.
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