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We're looking for a static dissipative or conductive tape for our aluminum racks, to prevent scraping of the tray against the rack shelves. The tape needs to maintain the conductive nature of the racks and trays, which will be holding circuit boards. Can you suggest such a material? 1" wide should be fine.



You might not need the tape if you transported and stored your circuit boards in a product like our Tek Mate Board Handlers.

Note that the ESD Association Packaging standard ANSI/ESD S541 states in section A.3 “Dissipative Material for Intimate Contact, To avoid rapid discharge to sensitive items, dissipative materials should be used as the layer of packaging that contacts the item.”

For a Tape that would provide an electrical connection between the shelf and tray, you might try our Antistatic Conductive Shielding Grid Tape. Its adhesive copolymer resistivity is 10E9 ohms.

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