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Question I would like to know how to protect things like passports and credit cards from unauthorized RFID readers.
The sample metalized bag you sent me seems to have a wall thickness of about 6 mils or about 150 microns.  A web page I found (http://www.rpi-polymath.com/ducttape/RFIDWallet.php) says "A single layer of aluminum foil of only 27 microns thick is often enough to block the RFID signals of most readers."  The thickness mentioned is about that of household aluminum foil.
My main question:  Is the webpage about 27 microns correct?  If not, what thickness is required to block RFID signals?
A secondary question:  Does the metal sheet have to be in the form of a bag surrounding the protected object in an electrically continuous manner, or can it be in two separate sheets on the sides of the object?


ESD Systems.com expertise is ESD control products, not blocking RFID signals. From what we know the Moisture Barrier Bags would likely be a solution. See our Protektive Shield™ ESD Shielding Moisture Barrier Bags on our website.

The customer should evaluate to determine the effectiveness in addressing the purpose of blocking RFID signals. ESD Systems.com has no test data in this regard. As ways, taken from the ESD Systems.com Limited Warranty “Before using, users shall determine the suitability of the product for their intended use, and users assume all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.”

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