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Question Hello again,
   I forgot one thing. One of the DSCC audit guys asked about the calibration of our ionizers (which we do not do). Is this done? Can you tell me anything about it? Thanks again, Jeb Evans, Micropac Industries, Garland, Tx.

Ionizer Technical Performance – Voltage Offset (Balance) – Discharge Times  The minimum recommended technical requirement range per ANSI/ESD S20.20 Table 1 for Voltage Offset (Balance) for Ionization (other than room systems) is < ±50 Volts tested per ESD S3.1.

Discharge Times should be measured adopting the test procedures outlined in ESD S3.1 or ESD SP3.3. Discharge times are to be measured for both polarities reducing +1,000 volts to +100 volts, and reducing -1,000 volts to -100 volts. There is no recommendation for the maximum discharge time; it is to be established by the user.

Compliance Verification of Ionizers 

“Periodic verification of ionizers is performed to provide continuing indication of required ionizer performance. The more critical the ionizer application, the more important it is to verify that the ionizers are working correctly. Periodic verification testing is most often performed under actual use conditions. In general, all ionizers should be checked, rather than a random sample.” [ESD SP3.3 Periodic Verification of Air Ionizers, A2.1]
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