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Questions And Answers

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Question Is here anywhere on the web that I can go to downlaod a free copy of the Standard ESD S4.1-1997?

The Worksurface standard, like most ESD Association documents, are sold. The ESD Association web site is www.ESDA.org and the catalog of documents for sale are at http://www.esda.org/standardlistings.html

There a few of ESD Association documents that are available for free and are downloadable; see http://www.esda.org/freedowloads.html They include:

ANSI/ESD S20.20 Standard-English (also in Chinese and Spanish)

ANSI/ESD S541 Packaging

ADV1.0 Glossary of Terms

The Worksurface standard has been updated and is now ANSI/ESD S4.1-2006. Its 10 pages primarily details the test procedure for use by an independent test lab with only a short section regarding installed material in a factory.

There is a new Technical Report that should be very useful for testing in a factory. The ESD TR-53-01-06 Compliance Verification and Technical Report (28 pages, Cost: $50 members, $70 non-members; Not available as a free download) the Technical Report identifies the equipment need, basic test procedures, and troubleshooting tips when out-of-spec measurements occur.

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