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Questions And Answers

# Question Rating Category(s) Date
105 How can we obtain written procedure for handling ESD product... 100% Static Electricity, Electricity
133 Can you please explain to us, in laymen's terms, the differe... 0% Static Electricity
175 I am doing research on ESD Standards and prevention products... 100% Static Electricity, Electricity
717 My daughter has a cochlear implant which is susceptible to f... 0% ESD, Static Electricity, Electricity 5/3/2001
730 I am looking for alternatives to the mylar tape we currently... 80% Static Electricity, Tape, Electricity 5/15/2001
807 Kindly help me in finding details about 'static collector'. ... 0% Electric Fields, Static Electricity, Test Equipment, Electricity 10/13/2000
813 What are the differences between static electricity and volt... 0% Static Electricity, Electricity 10/24/2000
927 In your answer to question #133 it is recommended no conduct... 0% Antistatic (Low Charging), Insulators, Static Electricity, Electricity 6/4/2001
948 We think that static makes our fax machine to keep burning u... 100% ESD, Static Electricity 5/4/2001
1029 I recently found out that my problem with electronics could ... 100% EMI, Static Electricity, Electricity 8/31/2001
1053 We currently use Reztore Anti static surface cleaner and ant... 100% Static Electricity, Cleaning 10/23/1753
1079 Is there any equipment that you know of that can measure the... 0% Static Electricity, Education, Electricity 12/21/1753
1114 Is it true that a significant amount of electrostatic voltag... 0% Static Electricity, Electricity 6/18/1753
1118 We are looking for guidelines in the use of fans around ESD ... 86% Static Electricity, Electricity 5/25/1753
1140 An air ionizer can or cannot remove static electricity for a... 100% Ionization, Static Electricity 8/19/2003
1141 The more R.H. is low, the less static electricity becomes in... 100% RH, Static Electricity 8/19/2003
1143 Can steam at 150 psig being discharged from a carbon steel p... 100% Static Electricity 8/20/2003
1212 What does ESD mean?
0% ESD, Lightning, Static Electricity 6/22/2006
1219 esd what is it? 40% ESD, Lightning, Static Electricity 12/27/2006
1281 How does an Ionizer Reduce Sta... 20% Insulators, Ionization, Static Electricity 1/30/2008