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Questions And Answers

# Question Rating Category(s) Date
110 My company has a 3M conductive floor. Will conductive shoes ... 80% High Voltage, Health & Safety
119 Are there any ESD mats made that do not out-gas sulfur (or a... 100% High Voltage
135 Is it possible to reduce ESD in carpeted floors? We had a "n... 90% High Voltage
139 What are the current pass/fail resistance characteristics fo... 0% High Voltage
145 I'd like to know more about ionizer to dissipate the charges... 0% High Voltage
166 If the ESD bag is of different thickness (total material thi... 0% High Voltage
180 Do you have ESD solution for 3 Volts Technology (in Disk dri... 0% High Voltage
205 For a working area whereby wrist strap is not convenient to ... 0% High Voltage
210 I am trying to determine if a piece of equipment can be dama... 0% High Voltage
269 We are a contract repair company and specialize in the repai... 0% High Voltage
270 1) Is there a standard distance to measure the floor resista... 0% High Voltage
358 Should I wear ESD protection when working on or near energiz... 100% High Voltage
371 Where can i find information about the efects of the ESD in ... 0% Electric Fields, High Voltage
390 We have a situation where class 1 ESDS devices will need to ... 0% High Voltage
443 Where would it be inappropriate to use ESD wrist straps? Whe... 100% High Voltage, Wrist Straps
447 Sometimes I received complaints from the operators of our PC... 0% Grounding, High Voltage
452 We have certain employees that feel wearing ESD shoes is put... 100% High Voltage, Health & Safety
453 I need in urgently this item; please will appreciate to send... 0% High Voltage, Test Equipment
645 Do you have any information / suggestions for some process e... 0% High Voltage, Health & Safety
646 What kind of working instructions would you give when workin... 0% High Voltage, Health & Safety