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Issue 1, Volume 4
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ESD Training: Getting Certified


ESD announces comprehensive on-line ESD training available to you located at the URL:, which includes 8 training modules and certification exam no available at no charge.

The new ESD Control Program Standard ANSI/ESD S20.20 requires initial and recurrent ESD awareness and prevention training to be provided to all personnel who handle or otherwise come into contact with any ESD susceptible items. The Training Plan must use an objective evaluation technique to ensure trainee comprehension and training adequacy. See paragraph in the ESD Association's Standard ANSI/ESD S20.20.

The ESD Certification Exam is designed to test knowledge in ESD Control principles and practices based on the technical information within our site and the ESD Association's standards and technical documents. The exam is broken up into 8 modules (see below) that coincide with the Training Site's modules and should take under an hour to complete.

    8 Training Modules
  1. Theory
  2. Charge Prevention
  3. Grounding
  4. Neutralization
  5. Shielding
  6. Training
  7. Auditing
  8. Standards
ESD Training Certificate

Successfully completing the ESD certification exam will yield the student with a Certificate of Competency in ESD Control Principles. Each Certificate is individually labeled and numbered for easy verification (good for proof of training).

Additional ESD Certification information from the ESD Association

Want To Get NARTE Certified?
Constant change in work and organizational environments continues to foster growing interest in voluntary professional certification among many people, from technicians and trades people to senior managers and skilled engineers. In electrostatic control, you can add an important tool to your professional career by becoming certified as an ESD Control (ESDC) Engineer or ESD Control (ESDC)Technician.

Endorsed and supported by the ESD Association, actual certification and program administration is done by the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers (NARTE), an independent, third party organization with broad experience in technical certification programs.

Benefits of Certification
Designed to foster technical competency and technological excellence, professional ESD certification benefits both the individual and the industry.

Benefits to the Individual:

  • Demonstrates knowledge, experience and competency.
  • Encourages self-development and continuing education.
  • A check in the "plus" column in performance reviews, career advancement, and new employment opportunities.

Benefits to Employers and Industry:

  • Helps raise the overall competency level of the entire ESD control field
  • Provides a means to assess the qualifications of personnel hired to work in electrostatic control
  • Helps assure that the industry has properly trained and qualified personnel helping solve ESD control problems
  • ISO 9000 audits will look at professional certification if it's part of the company's formal program
  • In seller-buyer relationships and within an organization, it can help improve communications and reduce misunderstandings

Requirements for Certification
Both levels of certification: ESDC Engineer and ESDC Technician require experience, peer endorsement, and an examination.

To become a Certified ESD Control Engineer, you

  1. Must have 9 years experience in ESD at an engineer level (Education may be substituted for a portion of experience)
  2. Submit 3 reference endorsements, including one from a supervisor
  3. Pass a certification exam
  4. Submit a list of 10 questions for use in future exams

To become a Certified ESD Control Technician, you

  1. Must have 6 years experience in ESD at a technician level (Education may be substituted for a portion of this experience)
  2. Submit 3 reference endorsements, including one from a supervisor
  3. Pass a certification exam
  4. Submit a list of 10 questions for use in future exams

Additional detailed requirements are contained in the ESD Certification Packets.

How to Apply
To apply for certification or to get more information, request an ESD Certification Packet from ESD Association headquarters. The packet includes eligibility requirements, registration forms, a list of study references and other details.

Additionally, the Northeast Chapter of the ESD Association is hosting a RED Program this June including two days of review followed by the NARTE exam for either ESD Control Technician or ESD Control Engineer exam the third day. For more information, please contact the Northeast Chapter.

More Information From NARTE
Additional information also is available on-line from the National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers (NARTE).


Auto Calibration Unit
Item #43469

43469.jpg - 3521 Bytes
  • Auto Calibration Unit for the CE Ionizer
  • Calibrates the CE Ionizer in under 60 seconds right at the workstation
  • Has closed loop calibration circuit to calibrate the ESD CE Ionizer to the changing conditions at the worksurface
  • Minimize workstation down time, e.g., the ionizers will not have to be returned to the metrology lab or manufacturer factory for calibration
  • Calibration unit derives power from the ionizer under test
  • Provides a visual balance indicator that displays the ionizer balance level
43469 ionizer monitor autocalibrator in use

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XL Bench Top Ionizer
Item #43106
XL Bench Top Ionizer

  • Features a patented Faraday balance system that automatically maintains a balance ion output and also emits ions in a true laminar flowThis reduces ion recombination and emitter contamination
  • AC ionizing system for superior performance in neutralizing static charges at greater distances
  • Non-nuclear operation for added safety
  • Gold plated emitters for longer life
  • Fixed temperature heater that removes chill from air and enhances worker comfort and productivity
  • Multiple installation options that provides flexibility
  • Ground point for personnel grounding

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Our products come with full technical support

Product document support includes a technical brief, drawing or bulletin. These are referenced within our on-line catalog as well as listed in our web site.


Technical Brief



Certification Information


 EtroniX (Nepcon West)  Click here for more information
When:Feb 27 - Mar 1, 2001
Where:Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA, USA
What:EtroniX features a family of industry related events - covering design, e-manufacturing, advanced packaging, production, test and more - all under one roof.
Why:Visit us at our Booth, # T-2249
 RED PROGRAM  Click here for more information
When: June 11 - Jun 13, 2001
Where: Boston University Conference Center, Tyngsboro, MA
What: RED Program (NARTE Certification), Co-Sponsered by the ESD Association and the Northeast Chapter of the ESD Association.
Why:Become NARTE Certified with either NARTE ESD Technician or ESD Engineer certificates. For more information, visit us at our web sites:
< >
< >

Q163: About the application of wrist strap and bench mat, it is a basic requirement to ground. How can we measure whether the ground point itself is properly grounded to the ground? Where can I find an internet training center that has an ESD course? The best one is that they can issue a certification proved by ESD Association. - Anonymous, Sweden    see ANSWER 163

Q230: I am doing training on your Statproof® floor finish program, do you have any information that would help me? - Anonymous, North Andover, MA    see ANSWER 230

Q402: : I am searching for an organization or company to provide me with ESD certification in order to fulfill a role as esd coordinator within the Nortel division I am presently assigned to. Perhaps you could provide me some information on this subject. -Anonymous  see ANSWER 402

Q486: We use a wide range of ESD systems products. My primary job function is to implement ESD prevention and audit. Though I am not formally trained in this field but I have gathered some basic knowledge from technical information by ESD Association USA through the Internet. First of all I will be glad if you could assist me in giving me information regarding training on ESD in Malaysia or out Malaysia. Finally my question is (refer to item no 24020)with a 1 megaohm blue molded resistor how could ESD from body discharge through dual layer black conductive cup to ground. -Anonymous, Kedah, Mlaysia see ANSWER 486

Q541: What other methods for preventing ESD are there besides anti static wrist straps and anti static mats. -Jesse Rogowski, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada see ANSWER 541

Find more ESD Q&As here


If you haven't already done so, downloading Acrobat Reader is highly recommended as most of our Technical Literature is in an electronic form known as portable document files (PDF files). These can be e-mailed or downloaded from our website, however you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

The good news is that this program is free. Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded from Adobe's website. The file is over 3 megs, so be sure you have the capacity to receive that large a file.

Reduce the nuisance of Tribocharging where you walk especially in office and other non-ESD protected areas:

If you have a tiled or cement floor: Statproof® Zinc Free Floor Finish is especially formulated to be non-tribocharging. ESD Statproof® Floor Finish eliminates static charges from building up on personnel and equipment, reducing the potential hazard of ESD related failures in sensitive environments. Unlike most conventional static control acrylic floor finishes which rely on zinc cross-linking technology, Statproof® is free of zinc and other heavy metals. This is important to users being monitored, or those desiring to reduce metal discharge into their waste water. Statproof® durability and low cost make it ideal for use as a protective overcoat on expensive conductive floor tiles.

If you have a standard carpeted floor: Statproof® Carpet and Fabric Protector Reduces the generation and build-up of static charges on fabric materials such as on carpeting and fabric chairs. It provides excellent dry soil and stain resistance and can be applied to fabric chairs, carpet and other fiber materials. It is water based and has a trigger spray making it easy to apply to small carpet areas and fabric chairs.

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