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ESD Corner July 2000
Issue 7, Volume 3
   Dr. ZAP


By far one of the most important factors of static control is Training of employees within various affected areas.

Every operator, supervisor, material handler, or other employee that comes near ESD susceptible equipment or parts should go through an orientation to be certified or trained on ESD safe practices according to the internal ESD control plan. A yearly refresher ESD control training program is recommended for all personnel.

There should be a prominently-posted self-checking procedure in the area, and the auditor must verify that each operator is aware of the procedure and follows it every day. One such procedure requires each employee to a daily 10-step routine check:

  1. check the work area for charge generators
  2. test personal grounding devices
  3. check for insulators and clear them from the work area
  4. verify that sensitive devices are in ESD protective packaging with proper labels
  5. make sure that there are no static generators inside ESD protective packaging with ESD sensitive items
  6. determine that the approved cleaners are on hand
  7. verify that wiring of discharge devices is properly grounded
  8. if an ionizer is used, see that it is positioned and working properly
  9. make sure that non-grounded personnel stay a least a foot away from your static-safe area
  10. monitor visitors and other personnel for proper compliance within your ESD safe area

Training in general:

There is a good VHS tape series which comes with a handbook for group training, item # 36074. This same content is available on CD-ROM for individual training using a PC, item # 36061. A database keeps track of all employees' progress, where they need help, and gives a recorded final exam. There are also

that are available to help your training program too.

Training for packaging only:

  • Tape series, item # 36074
  • EIA-541, Packaging Material Standards for ESD Sensitive Items
  • ESD S11.31-1994, ESDA standard for evaluating the Performance of Electrostatic Discharge, Shielding Materials - Bags

Training Tools

Training Paddles # 36080    Digital Field Meter # 42721
ESD Training Paddles in conjunction with an Electric Field Meter are very useful in training to help illustrate the triboelectric generation process. There are several experiments you can perform to demonstrate triboelectric charging and electric fields all found within our Training Paddles Tech Brief PS-2029.


Data Logger Test Station

Item 41217, New Data Logger

New!   Data Logger Test Station Automatic logging of ESD test results from wrist strap and foot gounder. Connects to almost any PC using a serial port. Software Included.

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  • Test Station connects to almost any PC using a serial port and standard modular phone cord
  • Plug-in installation, no special interface cards required
  • Output data can be sorted in various ways
  • View and print reports in standard Windowstm format
  • Easy to comply with ISO 9000 requirements and audits
  • Saves hours of supervisor's time collecting data
  • With the proper cable connections, up to 32 can be daisy-chained to one PC!

Tech Brief PS-2095


New Catalog Coming Mid August 2000

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 22nd Annual International EOS/ESD Symposium and Exhibits
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 September 24-28, 2000 at Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim, CA USA
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  • "ESD Exhibits" visit us at our Booth, # 202
  • "ESD NARTE Certification" become NARTE certified!
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Q373: We need to find an exam to give our employees. Can you help me locate one? -Judy Terry, Medical Research Group, Sylmar, CA  see ANSWER 373

Q402: I am searching for an organization or company to provide me with ESD certification in order to fulfill a role as ESD coordinator within the Nortel division I am presently assigned to. Perhaps you could provide me some information on this subject. -Anonymous  see ANSWER 402

Q486: We use a wide range of ESD products. My primary job function is to implement ESD prevention and audit. Though I am not formally trained in this field but I have gathered some basic knowledge from technical information by ESD Association USA through the Internet. First of all I will be glad if you could assist me in giving me information regarding training on ESD in Malaysia or out Malaysia. Finally my question is (refer to item no 24020)with a 1 megaohm blue molded resistor how could ESD from body discharge through dual layer black conductive cup to ground. -Anonymous, Kedah, Mlaysia    see ANSWER 486

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If you haven't already done so, downloading Acrobat Reader is highly recommended as most of our Technical Literature is in an electronic form known as portable document files (PDF files). These can be e-mailed or downloaded from our website, however you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

The good news is that this program is free. Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded from Adobe's website, The file is over 3 megs, so be sure you have the capacity to receive that large a file.


Our products come with full technical support

Product document support includes a technical brief, drawing or bulletin. These are referenced within our on-line catalog as well as listed in our web site.

Technical Brief
Resistances, exponents and big numbers:

Resistance in the dissipative range is measured with exponential numbers (numbers based on powers of 10).

The important point is that each number is a jump of TEN times over the previous number (thus, the powers of ten). If 300 was the length of a football field, then 297 would represent the one yard line. If the entire range of resistance from zero to just under insulative was represented by the football field, the part we normally call conductive would only be 360 millionths of an inch long!

If the range of possible resistances of insulative materials was 100 yards...

...conductive materials would be thinner than a blade of grass!

If one material has a surface resistance of 7 x 10E8 Ohms and another has a resistance of 2 x 10E9 Ohms, that's:

700,000,000 Ohms compared to 2,000,000,000 Ohms.

In other words, a surface of 2 x 10E9 has about three times as much resistance to current flow as a 7 x 10E8 surface.

The ability of a material to drain static charges depends on its physical and electrical properties and on its proper installation and use. ESD manufactures a variety of mat materials that range from 10E3 Ohms to 10E9 Ohms. The specific material needed depends on your application, what standard you may have to meet, etc.

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