January 2008
Issue 1, Volume 11

ESD Technical eNewsletter
Is ESD Still an Issue?
By Mark Hempel and Gene Felder

In trying to "insist" that wrist straps be used by the engineers working on circuit boards I am being told that "components today are made so that ESD isn't much of an issue any more"...
Do you have current info that disproves what they are saying so that I have something to point to prove they are wrong?

According to the ESD Association, ESD items are getting more sensitive. At www.esdsystems.com, there is considerable information at http://www.esdsystems.com/WhitePapers.aspx including a link to ESD Standards

See ESD Association’s October 2002 White Paper “ESD Phenomena and the Reliability for Microelectronics” at www.ESDA.org

“Technology trends towards finer line widths and higher speeds are producing devices of ever-increasing ESD sensitivities (Class 0) and Charged Device Model (CDM) mitigation is becoming more challenging.”

“The most critical aspect, is that basic factory control of ESD, rather than on-chip design techniques, is the most effective manner in which IC reliability and process yields can be maintained and ensured. Factory Control is the primary reason for lack of field returns for products operating well below the currently recommended ESD levels. The full supporting data and arguments for this position will be contained in the Industry Council's White Paper to be published by August 2007.”

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