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Help Topics

What online training do you offer?
At the moment we offer one ESD Coordinator Certification exam, accompanied by an array of training documents and materials.

The training section can be found in our left-hand menu by navigating to Resources .

Under Resources click on Online Training

Listed are the recommended documents and references, as well as two quizzesand answers. The bottom-most link brings you to the Coordinator exam.

The exam is made up of modules, each with 10-40 questions. Answers are presented in a random order. Once you have finished a module, the answers are given (not necessarily lettered as you answered them). Once you complete a module you will not be able to retake it unless it is reset by us ( Send an EMail if you need to retake).

Onceall modules receive a passing grade (70+) your exam will be completeand you will be able to print out a custom certificate of completion.