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24211 - Black Cup Heel Grounder, 2 Meg Resistor

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  • Durable cross-linked tire-grade rubber heel cup ensures complete charge dissipation and provides two wear surfaces
  • Elastic D-ring comfort system provides maximum ankle comfort - allows flex during walking
  • 30" long nylon/polyester grounding tab with 8 conductive strands - ideal for boots
  • UL listed for added safety
  • Molded exterior resistor - rugged, will withstand both physical shock and resistor bypass due to moisture
  • Patented cup provides better continuity (US Patent 4,551,783)
  • Made in the United States of America
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    • PS-2030 - Foot Grounders: Grounding, Testing, and Maintenance



    Black Cup Foot Grounders

    Buy this unit if you want the thickest  conductive sole for long lasting  durability.

    • Long lasting homogeneous cup
    • The most conductive foot ground  available
    • Used where wrist straps are not practical, such as tasks which require mobility.

    Why  do we offer foot grounders with a 2 Meg Ohm resistor?

    Click HERE for a Selection Chart of all ESD Foot Grounders.
    Click here for proper installation instructions of ESD Systems.com Heel Grounders.