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94204 - Ion Bar Assembly with 14 Emitters, 60 IN

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  • Process ion bar technology
  • Cost-effective alternative to overhead ionization
  • Lightweight, small, cross-sectional design allow it to fit in tight spaces
  • Ion bars can be daisy-chained to connect multiple bars in sequence. One power supply can drive up to 40 emitter tips.
  • Jumper can be made in lengths to fit every need
  • Constructed of ABS plastic and aluminum top caps for ease of mounting
  • Bars are pre-drilled with mounting brackets
  • Ideal for laminar flow benches, standard work benches and clean rooms
  • Replaceable bayonet style thoriated tungsten emitters
  • Controllable pulse rate
  • Current limited emitters
  • Controllable polarity balance
  • Choose from four styles of controllers: 1. Recessed potentiometer adjustment, 120V; 2. Recessed potentiometer adjustment, 220V; 3. External potentiometer adjustment, 120V; 4. External potentiometer adjustment, 220V;
  • Bars can be customized to fit any length
  • Made in the United States of America
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    • TB-5520 - Non-Air Ion Bars - Operation, Installation, and Maintenance