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There are many types of calibration available in our industry. Our intent is to clearly identify the type of calibration service we provide. We provide a basic, traceable calibration service at a reasonable price. This is sometimes referred to as Level 1 calibration.

What our NIST traceable calibration consists of:

  • Product is calibrated to meet ESDSystems published specifications

  • A printed certificate is provided stating that we use accepted procedures and standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • The calibration certificate will normally consist of a model number, serial number, date, and the signature of the technician that performed the calibration

  • We apply a calibration sticker to the product listing the identification number, the calibration date, and the initials of the technician performing the calibration

Our NIST traceable calibration does not include:

  • It does not include any data or measurements, before or after calibration

  • It does not include any NIST numbers.

  • It does not include any listing of the calibration equipment used

  • It is not calibration in accordance to a Mil-Standard, ANSI, or other standard

  • It does not include any ambient temperature or humidity measurements

  • It does not include any warranty as to length of time the calibration is valid

Customers requiring other than basic, traceable calibration

The majority of our customers find that this process fills their requirements. For customers that require more data than our standard calibration provides, we will be happy to provide full calibration procedures for any of our products to allow calibration by a third party.